We carry beverages fit for energizing, satisfying, warming up, cooling down or just plain quenching your thirst.

We’ve got your food solutions, too - whether it’s for on-the-go, at work or anywhere in-between… treat time, lunch time, anytime! We’ll supply the everyday necessities for your fridge, your family, your first aid kit or your traveling tool box. Fuel up, oil up and tidy up your car. One stop at Circle K and you’re ready to take on your day. No matter why you’re stopping or who you’re with, just come as you are…we’ll be here ready and waiting for you!

  • Rewards made free…and Easy.

    Circle K Rewards

    Rewards made free…and Easy. Free to enroll. Easy to redeem. Simply roll in & rack up the points. Good towards: - Discounts on fuel & in-store purchases. * - Membership in our Coffee Club & Car Wash Club. - Exclusive sweepstakes & instant rewards - Bonus cash coupons Circle K-ching! That’s Easy Rewards. *Excludes tobacco, alcohol, lottery, money order and gift cards.

  • Enroll for an

    Easy Pay Debit Card

    No fuss. No fears. No fees! Link your Circle K Easy Pay debit card to your checking account for the most secure, convenient way to get-in, gas-up & get on with your day. Add instant, automatic fuel savings Up to 20¢ a gallon! * and that’s vroom-service, the Circle K way. *Introductory offer, valid for the first 30 days of enrollment. Everyday discounts apply after introductory offer expires.

  • Download it today!

    The Circle K Mobile App

    Having the Circle K App means Easy access to savings, share deals, check in deals and sometimes free stuff.

  • Made To Go Sandwiches

    We’re the hot spot for tasty snacks and meals on the move. From breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we’ve got your hunger covered.

  • Froster

    Cool down or freshen up with a frozen indulgence - FROSTER or f’real milkshakes and smoothies. Try a variety of flavors or create your own unique flavor combination! Available at select locations.

  • Circle K Fuel

    Stop by for our Premium quality fuel. Be it for a small compact car or a beast of a vehicle, we got you covered! Redeem your Fry’s Rewards points at select locations for great savings!

  • Crazy Good Coffee

    Our coffees, cappuccinos and flavorable teas are always hot and fresh at Circle K. We offer a bold, rich Circle K Premium House Blend and Colombian Coffees along with a variety of sugars and creamers to make your cup your way. Don’t forget to try our seasonal coffee and cappuccino options.

  • Crazy Good Donuts

    Our donuts, cookies, pastries and assorted cakes are baked with rich, delicious ingredients. They arrive fresh and ready to serve. Enjoy something from the bakery any time of the day. Available at select locations.

  • Dbacks dog

    At Circle K we know you have a busy life and don’t always have time for a sit down, or even a stop and go lunch. That’s why we’re the hot spot for tasty snacks and meals on the move. From hotdogs and pizza, to sandwiches and salads, we’ve got your hunger covered. Available at select locations.

  • Polar Pop

    Get your Polar Pop cup at Circle K and fill it up with one of our incredible fountain beverage options! Chill out and quench your thirst with a great value and a cup that ‘stays cold longer’. We’ll even give you a choice of crushed or cubed ice (or both) available at many locations.

  • Shine Car Wash

    Circle K car washes proudly feature Sunprotect Complete Surface Protectant and Blue Coral Triple Color Foam. We offer Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate washes at select Circle K locations.